The emergency button wiping application. A new and revolutionary aspect to digital security and privacy

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We have all been in the type of nasty situation where you wished you could’ve just wipe everything from your phone in the blink of an eye right? You see, this desire may seem like its targeted only at the the tech society or people who value their privacy but don’t underestimate the value of secrecy upon the human society. The value of privacy and secrecy is deeply respected and embedded within our brains and society. This ranges from the elite to the working class or even the absolute lowest class. Heck, even the homeless may have secrets amongst them. And soon it may even be a form of habit to have smartphones amongst the homeless. But one form of habit which includes all of us is of the essence, the form of securing what we care for and to do that certain measurements have to be taken.

The measurement

The usual measurement taken to secure our data and privacy are preparations and that’s absolutely fine. Preparations are one of the core values to a good plan. But what if preparations aren’t enough anymore? What if it’s about anticipating the situation? Well here is were we’ve finally have a solution. Reader, meet FireWipe(solution). FireWipe is a revolutionary application which let’s you secure your data, files and pretty much everything on your phone which can be wiped through factory reset in the best way possible.

Here is how it works.

First off you obviously download the application. Then you install it. After the installation it will guide you through it’s setup which is very very easy, even a child could understand it. After the set up it requires you to choose an amount of characters used to configure a password, let’s say for example your lock screen password consists of 10 characters. Then its advised to use a character set up of less than 5 or 6 characters considering the amount of your regular lock screen password characters. If these 5 or 6 characters are entered FireWipe will do its work. Why you ask? It’s because FireWipe is a character based password set up. Meaning that any kind of characters used to fill in your password would suffice. In turn meaning that it’s all about the value regarding the amount of characters used to trigger it’s ability. The ability to do the ultimate! Wipe your whole phone through a factory reset! This concludes that no matter who gets their hands on your phone , the amount of characters entered which you’ve in turn had set up will completely wipe out your whole phone! Oke let’s recap! You download FireWipe, you install it, you set up your amount of characters, phone is secured and your ready to go. Now imagine, somebody getting their hands on your phone, lets say a wrongdoer or another party under unfair circumstances. Well all they have to do is fill in the amount of characters given by you on your lock screen(which you had set up)and the factory reset will engage. The factory reset which will delete all of the files you are afraid of the wrong party getting their hands on. After such you can easily restore all such files with your regular backups.

Let’s simulate a situation

Let’s say customs tries to confiscate your phone. Know that they are very smart today and they can easily shut down your phone or eject your sim from your device so you can’t remotely delete your files. So what you do is politely give your phone like a good citizen and tell them that your password is for example ABCDFE(the amount of characters set up in FireWipe). Of course they will believe you as they are eager to enter your device so what they do is fill in the given characters, but once they do your device will get wiped through factory reset. Its as easy as that.


The conclusions is easy! This application is the revolutionary counterpart for every person carrying sensitive data nor information. FireWipe can make a change in protecting our security, in protecting our freedom and in protecting our rights against the ones that define and set down our rights. It basically protects employees within law enforcement from potential violation of our rights.

If you want more information on this amazing application just head over to twitter or the website.

Twitter: @FireWipeapp





۵ Download FireWipe in Google Play ۵ Choose the amount of characters ۵ Remember the amount used ۵ Be careful and stay safe!

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۵ Download FireWipe in Google Play ۵ Choose the amount of characters ۵ Remember the amount used ۵ Be careful and stay safe!

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